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Julia Stiles

Melissa George

Taye Diggs


In this dark but funny film, newly married Grace and Carlo (Julia Stiles and Taye Diggs) visit their well-off yet unhappy old friends Joel and Sharyl (David Harbour and Melissa George). Two years later, the tables are turned when Joel and Sharyl pay a surprise visit to their friends to apologize for their previous meeting. The movie travels back and forth between the two get-togethers, and slowly reveals surprising insights about love, trust, ambition and honesty.


USA | 2012 | 90 mins |Drama

Bahamas International Film Festival 2013 - Grand Prize

Woods Hole Film Festival 2013 - Festival Director's Award


Dan Mirvish


The video above may not be available in all locations. If you are unable to view, please kindly contact us here

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