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Over the course of nearly 40 years negotiating business deals in China, Mongolia, Russia, and Europe, Mr. Reynolds has built a reputation for balancing hard-nosed business savvy with diplomacy and tact. With a practical command of six languages, he has worked for nearly 40 years building markets in China as president of his successful outerwear manufacturing operation, Mad Bomber.

In 2006, Mr. Reynolds launched an entertainment company, Q Global Cultural Communication (Beijing) Co. Ltd., dedicated to marketing and distributing entertainment in China. By licensing and selling to the country's various media outlets, Q Global is working to make China a safer and more profitable market for non-Chinese studios. "Over the past decade," Mr. Reynolds explains, "there has been a rapidly growing demand in China for movies made and distributed by companies in the United States and the west. My goal is to help the legitimate owners of this content build a profitable market."

Mr. Reynolds holds a Bachelor of Science degree, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Utah, and continued his education with graduate courses in Chinese language and Japanese history at Georgetown University. Mr. Reynolds is an active proponent of social improvement and community building, with efforts ranging from education and nutrition to environmental issues and Chinese-American relations.



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