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An award winning Sci-fi Thriller….a lone scientist named Roy (Andrew Kinsler, Redistributers) maintains Plethura, a safe underground bunker for the coming nuclear disaster.

Although conflicted with the fate of humanity, Roy keeps the bunker ever-prepared for those who will eventually come to populate it. But things take a dramatic turn when Roy becomes prematurely isolated. Locked in, and with no knowledge of what has happened ‘Up Top’, it becomes painfully clear that Roy is alone and nobody is coming for him. With only the bunker’s intelligent computer console Arthur for company, the claustrophobic walls of Plethura slowly tighten their grip on Roy.

After several strange and unexplainable events, our increasingly paranoid protagonist begins to confront the terrifying prospect that he may not be alone in the bunker. Roy is forced to question his own sanity as he loses control of this escalating situation. Could it be Roy’s mind playing tricks? Or is there an evil force stalking him within these walls? With no hope of escape and nowhere to hide, Roy has no choice but to confront the true terror of Plethura.


UK | 2016 | 88 mins | Drama


Richard Mundy

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